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Spring 2018

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Often located adjacent to the garage, the mudroom can become the primary entrance in many homes and is a high-traffic area. It's the last place you see when you head out for the day and the first space that greets you when you return (and perhaps the first space guests will see as well). Therefore, the mudroom should be designed with the utmost utility in mind to meet the specific needs and requirements of your household. Walking in and out of a tidy, organized and functional space creates a welcoming and comforting environment that can help calm your nerves and reduce stress. Whether you're redesigning your current space or starting from scratch, here are some considerations when designing a mudroom: MATERIALS As the name suggests, the space should be designed with durable materials and finishes that can withstand the dirt, mud and snow. A non-porous hard floor surface, such as porcelain or luxury vinyl tile, is easy to mop and requires minimal maintenance. Just avoid light-coloured grout. Consider hard-wearing wall finishes (the matte paint trend is not suitable for the mudroom). Wall tile, wood panelling and many wallcoverings are resilient and easy to wipe. Be mindful of uneven surfaces and heavy textures where dust and dirt can settle and become difficult to clean. Radiant floor heat is worth the investment in the mudroom as it helps to keep the space warm and dry in the cool, damp months and is a welcome treat for cold toes. Mudrooms are multifunctional spaces. In addition to storing a household's shoes, boots, coats, mitts, hats, umbrellas, purses, backpacks, keys and sports gear, it is frequently also the mail drop, home to the family calendar, pantry, housekeeping or laundry space, and often the spot for a family pet's crate, food and litter. It truly is a hard-working space! The kitchen might be the hardest working space in the house, but the mudroom comes in a close second. So it's no surprise that mudroom design is receiving more attention and the room itself more square footage than ever before. the MIGHTY MUDROOM S T O R Y TA M A R I S K M C N A LT Y S T E P H E N S This durable, washable, scrubbable rug is per fect for high-traf f ic areas. Durable paint in a dar ker colour wil l help keep painted sur faces looking great longer. 1 2 3 5 4 Con t i n u e d on pa ge 4 6 44 | ourhomes S P R I N G 2 0 1 8 design ideas

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