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Editorial Board James Boyce Peter Malcomson Pam Olley Jay Neill Editor Pam Olley pamolley@sympatico.ca Contributing Writers Scott Fraser Melissa Cutler Peter Figura Design & Layout PIX Photography Jag Gundu Peter Figura Barry Kohl Advertising Information Peter Malcomson (416) 514-1102 pmalcomson@tennisontario.com OTA Club Membership Information Jay Neill, (416) 514-1103 jneill@tennisontario.com Ontario Tennis Association President Rob Nicholls Executive Director James Boyce Ontario Tennis Association 1 Shoreham Drive Suite # 200 Toronto, ON M3N 3A7 Tel. (416) 514-1100 Toll Free. 1-800-387-5066 Fax. (416) 514-1112 ota@tennisontario.com www.tennisontario.com Peter Figura Rosti Brankovsky Johnny Glanville Stuart Teather Peter Malcomson Mike McIntyre Jan McIntyre Rahim Karmali Ontario Tennis is published one time per year by the Ontario Tennis Association. It is Canada's longest-running tennis publication. — published since 1970. The Ontario Tennis Association is a proud member of Tennis Canada and acknowledges the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. This magazine is produced to highlight the people, events and information that foster the continued interest and development of tennis at all levels in Ontario. The views expressed in Ontario Tennis are not necessarily those of the Ontario Tennis Association unless stated. (Copyright © 2017 Ontario Tennis Association) Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement No. 40710521 Return undeliverable Canadian Addresses to: Ontario Tennis Association 1 Shoreham Drive Suite # 200 Toronto, ON M3N 3A7 CANADA POST CORPORATION agreement no. 40710521 PUBLISHER'S SWORN STATEMENT SUMMER 2017 O ver the past few weeks many of you have been asking me why you are no longer receiving Ontario Tennis magazine in the mail or at your club. Over the past couple of years we have started to realise there were problems with the distribution of Ontario Tennis magazine in print form. Many OTA member clubs are seasonal, many of these small or seasonal clubs use a post offi ce box or an executive's home as the mailing address, quite a few do not have a clubhouse. The result has been that bulk copies of the magazine mailed to clubs, most notably the fall issue, weren't available to club members in a timely fashion, if at all. Similarly, individual mailings to members were starting to cost more because post offi ce rates were increased signifi cantly and again, maintaining those lists became a challenge. For the past 6 years we have been putting Ontario Tennis magazine on line in fl ip book form, accessible via the tennisontario.com website. Although there has been a steady following in this format, the contents could not be found through search engines, nor was the format mobile technology friendly. So we set out to develop an approach to Ontario Tennis which would both provide our membership and readership with a tangible benefi t, would take advantage of being an online platform by incorporating links to background information and related articles, by including videos, photo galleries and other unprintable material. We have therefore created a website, www.ONtennis.ca which is a library of articles. We will add articles to ONtennis.ca as they are developed. We intend to include the same number of new articles each year as appeared in the four printed issues of Ontario Tennis in the past. Periodically we will email a newsletter/tickler highlighting new articles which have been added to the website. Once a year we will prepare a printed issue to go to our clubs and for distribution through the OTA booth at Rogers Cup and other events. This printed issue will have some full articles and some excerpts from articles on the website and its purpose is to encourage people to go to the website. The new approach to Ontario Tennis is a work in progress. We are hoping that you will give us feedback on the articles we are developing, how the technology is working for you and ideas for the kinds of articles we should be including to keep things relevant across our entire membership, and in particular to encourage our growing body of young players to read and contribute to the magazine. In 2018 the OTA will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. We will be using this special celebration to bring forward articles from issues of Ontario Tennis over the past 47 years to highlight people, clubs, ideas and events that have made tennis in Ontario and the OTA so successful. Again, if you could let us know of any specifi c things you think we should be covering, please do not hesitate to let us know. Hope to see you on the court! JAG WE HAVE THEREFORE CREATED A WEBSITE, ONTENNIS.CA WHICH IS A LIBRARY OF ARTICLES. WE WILL ADD ARTICLES TO ONTENNIS.CA AS THEY ARE DEVELOPED. 8 SUMMER 2017 | TENNISONTARIO.com LETTER FROM THE EDITOR WELCOME TO ONTARIO TENNIS MAGAZINE 2017! Visit us at ONTENNIS.ca THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE ONTARIO TENNIS ASSOCIATION

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