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Some of our assessment tools require certifi cation for those who do not have the requisite educational qualifi cations (visit /TAP). Certifi cation is also recommended for those who need in-depth knowledge of an instrument. By attending a certifi cation workshop, you will gain much more than just the qualifi cations to purchase the instrument. You will learn about interpreting results, engage in hands-on experience in an informal dynamic atmosphere, acquire an in-depth understanding of the instrument's eƒ ective and responsible use, learn necessary skills for providing feedback, and have an opportunity to practice applying the instrument with real-world examples. Many of our certifi cation workshops oƒ er CE credits with APA and ICF and CPD credits with NASP. Visit for a list of trainers and locations for certifi cation workshops, or contact us for further details at Some of our Assessments/Simulations Require Certifi cation Risk Type Compass ™ Psychological Consultancy Ltd. Published by Psychological Consultancy Ltd. and distributed by MHS, the Risk Type Compass ™ is an assessment that explores an individual's predisposition to risk and their capacity to manage it. In order to obtain a comprehensive overview of their risk propensity, individuals are measured according to Risk Type, Risk Attitude, and Risk Tolerance. Risk Type Using the Risk Type Compass ™ score, the assessment places individuals into one of eight Risk Types, which is indicated by a marker (•) on the Risk Type Compass graph below. Their Risk Type refl ects their temperament and natural disposition towards risk. Risk Attitude An individual's Risk Attitude will typically vary from situation to situation due to personal experience and circumstances. The attitude portion of the Risk Type Compass identifi es diƒ erences in an individual's attitude across fi ve important risk domains: Recreational, Financial, Health and Safety, Social and Reputational. Risk Tolerance This is determined mainly by natural temperament, which establishes a baseline for reactivity to any kind of risk or uncertainty. Experience and personal circumstances also infl uence behavior, but in less predictable ways. The RTI (Risk Tolerance Index) is a single numeric score that takes both factors into account. Applications of the Risk Type Compass include: • Individual Level – Personal and leadership development. • Team Level – Auditing and developing teams, groups, and executive boards. • Organization Level – Providing a measure that monitors the risk culture of an organization and enables the management of change. • Specifi c occupations such as Financial Advisors, Auditors, and Health and Safety also have seen the benefi ts of assessing risk type. REPORTS Personal Report The report gives an overview of risk propensity by providing information about Risk Type, Risk Attitude, and Risk Tolerance. Investor Report and Financial Advisor Report In addition to the information included in the Personal Report, the Investor Report has been tailored to provide fi nancial content. The two page Financial Advisor Report is included with the Investor Report and provides a snapshot of the client's appetite for risk, enabling the Advisor to recommend fi nancial services tailored to the client's risk propensity. Team Report Designed for use with groups up to 25 people. The data includes a group scattergram, showing convergence, dispersion, and factions of Risk Type across the group. Quick Reference Age 18 and older Number of Items 102 Administration Type Self-Report Administration Time 10–20 minutes Qualification Level B-level, or certifi cation; page 7 Format Online Talent Assessment Portal Complementary Assessments Change Style Indicator; page 10 Infl uence Style Indicator; page 10 EQ-i 2.0; page 2 Risk Type Compass Graph ©Psychological Consultancy Ltd 2015 Risk Type Compass© is a registered trademark in Europe: CTM No. 010726818 R I S K T Y P E CO M PA SS P R I C I N G TO K E N = $ 1 .0 0 Risk Type Compass Personal Report 60 Tokens Risk Type Compass Investor Report (includes Financial Advisor Report) 60 Tokens Risk Type Compass Team Report 375 Tokens B-level TALENT 7 TEL 1.800.456.3003 (USA) • 1.800.268.6011 (CDN) • +1.416.492.2627 (INTL) FAX 1.888.540.4484 or +1.416.492.3343 •

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