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6,000,000 + * new business owners in the US each year 33% * of new entrepreneurs are recent college graduates 80% * of entrepreneurs were employed at time of start-up *The Kauffman Index, Startup Activity Index 2015 Entrepreneur EDGE ™ Roger Pearman, R. Daniel Parks, Barry Phillips, Marcus C. King E N T R E P R E N E U R E D G E P R I C I N G Z-EDGE01 Entrepreneur EDGE kit $ 50.00 Z-EDGE02 Entrepreneur EDGE Personal Profi le $ 30.00 Z-EDGE03 Entrepreneur EDGE E• ectiveness Guide $ 25.00 A-level The Entrepreneur EDGE is your guide to success when considering, starting or growing your business. Highly researched, the Entrepreneur EDGE ™ is designed to fi ll a long-recognized gap in what is most needed in starting or growing a business - it focuses on YOU. The Entrepreneur EDGE can help you evaluate your potential for success and satisfaction in your chosen enterprise. This information can help whether you are: considering a business; starting your business; funding your business; growing your business; or re-charging your business. Are you an Entrepreneur Coach, Advisor, or Counselor? The Entrepreneur EDGE Eƒ ectiveness Guide can support your work with clients, providing highly researched and targeted paths for development. You can oƒ er your clients tangible developmental tools and steps to complement other in-depth areas of assistance. Over 20 years of extensive research into entrepreneurs has guided the development of this powerful tool. It provides mission-critical information about the 4 Key Entrepreneur Success Factors to help you, the key driver of the entrepreneur enterprise. 4 KEY ENTREPRENEUR SUCCESS FACTORS 1) Mindset (including Independent Minded, Risk Tolerant, Knowledge Seeker, Innovator, Individual, Achiever, and Optimistic) 2) Self-Management (including Action-Oriented, Analytical, Multi-Tasker, Stress Motivated, and Self Directed) 3) Dealing with Others (including Initiator, Networker, and Explorer) 4) Business Orientation (including Opportunistic, Strategic, and Proactive) WHAT'S INCLUDED: Your Entrepreneur EDGE TM E• ectiveness Guide The Key Success Factors and Entrepreneur Indicators outlined in the Entrepreneur EDGE Eƒ ectiveness Guide serve as a guide to help you gain your entrepreneur edge. Your Entrepreneur EDGE is designed as a quick reference that can be used to "power on" your edge and to refresh your edge over time. Getting started on the track to gain your edge, you will learn how the 4 proven Key Success Factors apply to you and how those skills align with the 17 Entrepreneur Indicators. Complete with an action plan, the book gives you a step-by-step guide on maximizing your strengths and developing your stretch areas. Entrepreneur EDGE TM Personal Profi le The Entrepreneur EDGE Personal Profi le distinguishes your preference to be an entrepreneur vs. a conventional career. This personalized report is based on your responses to the 102-item, web- based questionnaire and provides results of your preferences in relation to known entrepreneur success factors. Once you enter your responses, you will be able to review your report showing your patterns in 17 scales — the behaviors that matter in entrepreneurial endeavors. Use the Entrepreneur EDGE development guide to zero in on your action plan. Quick Reference Age 18 and older Number of Items 102 Administration Type Self-Report Administration Time 10–20 minutes Qualification Level A-level Format Online Talent Assessment Portal Complementary Assessments EQ-i 2.0; page 2 Pearman; page 4 Risk Type Compass; page 7 Power On Your Entrepreneur Potential YOUR EDGE REPORT: Indicates how your behaviors, perspectives, and preferences can impact you and your career choices. Provides your results for each of the 4 Key Success Factors of entrepreneurs Shows how you score on the 17 Entrepreneur Indicators compared to the Conventional Career Indicators. Provides results related to your family history and entrepreneurial perspectives. TALENT

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