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Pearman Personality Type The Pearman Personality component assesses an individual's personality patterns according to personality type theory, using Jung's work on the eight mental functions (i.e., how one interacts with the external and internal world combined with how one takes in information and makes decisions) as the key basis for understanding an individual's personality type. Pearman FlexIndex The Pearman FlexIndex component assesses the skills and abilities needed to function e• ectively within and outside of an individual's personality. Shaped by specifi c contexts (e.g., workplace or leadership), the Pearman™ provides actionable information and specifi c development strategies for the client to develop their fl exibility. The coach receives a wealth of information in order to ensure development e• orts are e€ cient and consequential. Key Areas Measured The fi rst part of the tool provides insight into your client's personality scores, contrasting his or her results for each of the personality types. Each circle contains two components: the letter classifi cation and the Circle Score (Figure 3). There are both "Natural" and "Demonstrated" circles for each personality attitude or function. The letter represents the personality type that your client has more comfort with or uses more frequently. The example in Figure 3 shows the letter "E" for "Extraversion." An individual with that letter classifi cation is naturally more comfortable with extraverted behaviors than with introverted (I) behaviors. The Pearman Personality Integrator ® The Pearman Personality Integrator (Pearman ™ ) model of personality type is composed of two parts: (I) Pearman Personality (Figure 1), and (II) Pearman FlexIndex™ (Figure 2). This model integrates personality with psychological fl exibility and agility skills relevant to workplace success, leadership, academic success, relationships, confl ict resolution, and other domains of functioning. This groundbreaking tool brings a new model of understanding and development to the fi eld of personality type. The combination of Dr. Carl G. Jung's work on psychological types with Dr. Roger Pearman's insights led to the creation of an assessment that examines an individual's personality at multiple levels. The Pearman Personality Integrator ® (Pearman TM ) allows individuals to understand their full range of personality functioning, as well as how their fl exibility and agility skills enable them to operate effectively within and outside of their natural personality type. Figure 1: Pearman Personality Figure 2: Pearman FlexIndex Quick Reference Age 18 and older Administration Type Self-Report Administration Time 20-30 minutes Language US English Qualification Level B-level, or certifi cation ; page 7 Format(s) Online Number of Items 99 Reading Level 7 th Grade Complementary Assessments Entrepreneur EDGE; page 6 EQ-i 2.0; page 2 MSCEIT; page 5 Lenses Leadership Lens, Workplace Lens Report Types Coach and Client Norm North American Professional Population Figure 3: Pearman Personality Scores Figure 4: Pearman FlexIndex Scores TALENT Talent Assessments 4

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