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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT & COO Help transform lives… Everyone has a story about why we do the important work we do. The tale of my personal relationship with MHS began 25 years ago, long before I stepped through the doors of the company. In those days, I was not a member of MHS but rather a customer. I worked as a Psychometrist for the Northern Ontario school board and can still remember when I received my very fi rst package of Conners Rating Scale (CRS) forms. At that time Attention-Defi cit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) was not well understood and very rarely diagnosed. A six year old boy I'll call Luke had been referred to me. It was toward the end of his Grade 1 year and despite being a bright child he had made little progress, particularly on his reading. He was also extremely active and full of energy. When using the CRS as part of an extensive evaluation battery, it was clear that Luke was experiencing diŽ culties associated with ADHD. With the help of his parents, teacher, and family physician, a treatment plan was implemented. I met with Luke's teacher a few weeks later and was thrilled to hear that Luke had made signifi cant progress – in fact, he had come to school one morning full of excitement and proud to report that he 'was a brand-new man' (his own words). In his eyes he was transformed. This transformation was aŽ rmed a few weeks later when his teacher evaluated his reading skills to fi nd out that he was exactly where he was supposed to be. Getting to play a part of this crucial turning point in Luke's life was a privilege I haven't forgotten in all the years since. Stories like this are why we are here — why MHS continues to invest in new product development, to update our tools to refl ect the most recent advances in research and our understanding of how humans grow and develop. Transforming lives, whether it be children in school, families, adults with mental health concerns, o• enders, or employees looking to build and develop their leadership skills, is what drives us. For 2017, MHS has added several new products that we truly believe will continue to support you in helping others. The Discovery Learning Products have a long history of impacting leadership development and our new Organizational Development solutions team is also an exciting service that will focus on building leadership development programs and extend our o• erings for our consultants and coaches to have a further impact and transform more lives. Another new addition in our child and adolescent o• erings is the Rating Scale of Impairment™ (RSI). The RSI measures functional impairment across six areas of life. Being able to pinpoint where in a child's life they are experiencing the greatest diŽ culties can help guide far more targeted intervention and treatment planning. Every child deserves a happy ending and we want to provide the tools to help you achieve that goal. We would love to hear your stories about how using MHS products has helped you transform the lives of your clients. What are those moments in your professional lives that stand out in your memory? A child helped. A team transformed. A life changed for the better. Every story is part of MHS' history and we want to celebrate them all. Please see our story collecting contest on to learn more about how you can share your stories with us and inspire others. We look forward to the coming year and will strive to continue fi nding new ways to help you help others. Hazel Wheldon, M.A. President & COO, MHS @PublisherAtMHS

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