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The Student EQ Edge: Student Workbook Steven J. Stein, Ph.D., Howard E. Book, M .D., & Korrel Kanoy, Ph.D. Written specifi cally for students, this workbookis designed to be used alongside the main volume, The Student EQ Edge, and helps students move from understanding to action through use of case studies,self-assessment questions, refl ection and discussion questions, and activities and assignments. This will help students begin to build their emotional intelligence skills in a concrete and tangible fashion. Y- STQ002 Softcover (2013, 160 pages) $ 17 .00 THE STUDENT EQEDGE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND YOUR ACADEMIC & PERSONAL SUCCESS KORREL KANOY • STEVEN J. STEIN • HOWARD E. BOOK STUDENT WORKBOOK Emotional Intelligence For Dummies Steven J. Stein, Ph.D. Becoming emotionally intelligent is not a quick fi x or a trendy therapy technique—it is a skill that allows you to understand yourself and others, and to take charge of your own life. In this book, Dr. Steven Stein demonstrates how the application of EI principles can help you manage everyday stress and accelerate professional success. Y- EIFD00 Softcover (2009, 384 pages) $ 26.00 Make Your Workplace Great: The 7 Keys to an Emotionally Intelligent Organization Steven J. Stein, Ph.D. With organizations feeling pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity, and the workforce desperately seeking to maintain work-life balance, it is essential to recognize and leverage the emotional and social competencies of employees. Y - MYWG01 Hardcover (2007, 288 pages) $ 40.00 The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success, Third Edition, Revised & Updated Steven J. Stein, Ph.D. & Howard E. Book, M .D. Updated in 2011, with real-life anecdotes of EI factors interacting at work, home, and in social situations, this book defi nes EI, demonstrates new evidence of its importance and provides useful steps to improve your Emotional Quotient. Y - EQED40 Softcover (2011, 368 pages) $ 30 .00 The Student EQ Edge: Facilitation Guide Steven J. Stein, Ph.D., Howard E. Book, M .D., & Korrel Kanoy, Ph.D. Written specifi cally for instructors, this guide is designed to be used alongside the main volume, the Student EQ Edge. It guides educators, counselors and advisors in employing case studies, self-assessment questions, refl ection and discussion questions, and activities plus assignments that will help their student move from understanding to action. Y - STQ001 Softcover (2013, 240 pages) $50 .00 THE STUDENT EQEDGE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND YOUR ACADEMIC & PERSONAL SUCCESS KORREL KANOY • STEVEN J. STEIN • HOWARD E. BOOK FACILITATION AND ACTIVITY GUIDE The Student EQ Edge Steven J. Stein, Ph.D., Howard E. Book, M .D., & Korrel Kanoy, Ph.D. The Student EQ Edge provides a thorough grounding in what emotional intelligence is, why it is di‡ erent from one's intelligence quotient, and how emotional intelligence skills can make a student a 'star performer.' The book helps students move from understanding of the concepts to action through refl ection and discussion questions. Y -STQ000 Softcover (2013, 304 pages) $ 33 .00 THE STUDENT EQEDGE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND YOUR ACADEMIC & PERSONAL SUCCESS STEVEN J. STEIN • HOWARD E. BOOK • KORREL KANOY People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Pamela Corbett M.A., Catherine Jourdan M.A.Ed, Roger Pearman Ed.D., & Judy Aanstad Ph.D. This book is focused on the most important competencies you need for e‡ ectiveness. You get: Action oriented review of emotional intelligence and learning agility AND 54 competencies complete with a comprehensive look at the competency and action tips, and learning activities to facilitate e‡ ectiveness. Y-PHS000 Softcover (2012, 451 pages) $ 49.00 Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life, Second Edition Edited by Joseph Ciarrochi, Ph.D., Joseph P. Forgas, Ph.D., & John D. Mayer, Ph.D. In this scientifi cally rigorous and highly accessible second edition, leaders in the fi eld present the research on EI assessment and the use of the EI construct. This edition expands on the previous by providing greater coverage of EI interventions. Y -EIED10 Softcover (2006, 312 pages) $ 42.00 Emotional Intelligence in Action Marcia Hughes, L .L .C ., L . Bonita Patterson, & James Bradford Terrell Providing a cross-reference matrix that maps the four EI models, this book provides learning scenarios and makes it easy for trainers, coaches, facilitators, managers, HR professionals, and other professionals to learn how to build these competencies in others. Y-EIATC1 Softcover (2005, 416 pages) $ 64.00 The Emotionally Intelligent Manager David Caruso, Ph.D. & Peter Salovey, Ph.D. This book outlines the four emotional abilities—perceiving emotions, facilitating thoughts, managing emotions, and understanding emotions—and illustrates how we can measure and nurture each skill to learn how to solve even the most di– cult work-related situations. Y-EIM1 Hardcover (2004, 294 pages) $ 33.00 Leading with Emotional Intelligence Reldan S. Nadler, Psy.D. This book shows you step-by-step how to: • Increase confi dence • Improve Teamwork • Enhance Communication • Develop Star Performance • Protect your IQ with EI This complete, hands-on action plan has worksheets, exercises, self-quizzes, and much more to show how great leaders put Emotional Intelligence to work. Y-LEI000 Hardcover (2011, 336 pages) $ 35.00 Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence: Exercises for Leaders, Individuals and Teams Marcia Hughes & Amy Miller Written for leaders, teams, organizations, and other skilled professionals responsible for helping people achieve their best, this book o‡ ers practical exercises you can use for building emotional and social intelligence. Y-DESIB0 Softcover (2010, 272 pages) $ 63.00 Essential resources for training and HR professionals Marcia Hughes and Amy Miller Developing EMOTIONAL & SOCIAL Intelligence Exercises for LEADERS, INDIVIDUALS, and TEAMS The Emotionally Intelligent Team: Understanding and Developing the Behaviors of Success Marcia Hughes & James Bradford Terrell This compelling book o‡ ers practical information and a guide for businesses that want to capitalize on the power of the emotional competencies of their teams. This book is fi lled with illustrative examples that represent a rich spectrum of teams from business, government, and nonprofi ts. Y-TEIT00 Hardcover (2007, 200 pages) $ 31.00 A Coach's Guide to Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Developing Successful Leaders James Bradford Terrell & Marcia Hughes This book combines the topics of coaching and Emotional Intelligence in an accessible resource for coaches, facilitators, and consultants. The strategies help coaches and their clients develop the emotional and social skills needed to meet business challenges. Y-EQCG01 Hardcover (2008, 244 pages) $61.00 The Handbook of Emotional Intelligence Edited by Reuven Bar-On, Ph.D. & James D. A . Parker, Ph.D. In this book, a stellar panel of academics, researchers, and practitioners present conceptual models, evaluate the best methods of assessment, and o‡ er guidelines for applying EI principles in many settings. Y-HEI1R0 Hardcover (2000, 496 pages) $ 108 .00 T h e S T R E S S E F F E C T HENRY L. THOMPSON W H Y S M A R T L E A D E R S M A K E D U M B D E C I S I O N S — A N D W H A T T O D O A B O U T I T The Stress Effect: Why Smart Leaders Make Dumb Decisions—And What to Do About It Henry L . Thompson, Ph.D. Integrates powerful concepts that are shaping the future of leadership and business, such as stress, decision making, emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, and brain science. Dr. Thompson explores the underlying e‡ ects of stress on decision making and what leaders can do to improve their decision-making e‡ ectiveness—especially when stressed. Y-TSESL0 Hardcover (2010, 336 pages) $32.00 Handbook For Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence Marcia Hughes, Henry L . Thompson, & James Bradford Terrell This book features case studies, best practices, and proven tools that show how emotional and social intelligence can be harnessed to deliver improved individual, team, and organizational performance. The Handbook For Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence provides analyses of actual emotional intelligence training and coaching programs that have been used to build personal e‡ ectiveness and team performance in di‡ erent types of organizations. Y-DESI00 Softcover (2009, 448 pages) $101.00 Books by MHS CEO Dr. Steven Stein TALENT 17 TEL 1.800.456.3003 (USA) • 1.800.268.6011 (CDN) • +1.416.492.2627 (INTL) FAX 1.888.540.4484 or +1.416.492.3343 •

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