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ImageInsights ® Gerry Fitzgerald, Steven Stein, Ph.D., & Tammie Plou e, MSc. /ImageInsights HOW TO USE THIS TOOL Image Insights TM is a photo card deck consisting of 300 photos that can be used to facilitate individual and group discussions. In group settings, the goal is to establish discussion in team building sessions, strategic planning and similar environments. Using questions as a basis, each participant selects an image from a set of photographs that helps them verbalize their thoughts. Group process facilitation and dialogue techniques are used to guide participants to explore the topic in a meaningful way that can enable focused action. Emotionally E ective Leader Workshop I M AG E I N S I G H TS P R I C I N G H A N D S CO R E D Z- IMG001 Image Insights Complete Paper Kit (5x7 size) $ 249.00 Z- IMG002 Image Insights Complete Paper Kit (8x10 size) $ 299.00 A-level Facilitation Tools EQ-lizer ™ Increase Your Success with Emotional Intelligence English Edition published by MHS Inc. under license from Utvecklingspoolen AB, Sweden. /eqlizer Used in tandem with the EQ-i 2.0, the EQ-lizer TM is a paper-based tool that o‡ ers a visual representation of EI strengths and opportunities for development in order to facilitate and track personal growth. Based on the concept of a musical equalizer, the EQ-lizer guides clients in creating a harmonious balance among his or her skills. The EQ-lizer toolkit contains the following items: workbook; stickers to plot current state and to track progress; best practices guide; personal action plan (complete with reminder bookmark) all packaged in an EQ-lizer folder. I N T E R P E R S O N A L D E C I S I O N S T R E S S W E L L P T I O N E X P R E S S I O N M A K I N G M A N A G E M E N T B E I N G I N D I C AT O R I n c r e a s e Yo u r S u c c e s s w i t h E m o t i o n a l I n t e l l i g e n c e Name EQ - l i ze r P R I C I N G W- EQ2005 EQ-lizer $ 35.00 A-level This material enables facilitators to conduct a one-day workshop focused on increasing a leader's emotional intelligence. Leveraging results from leaders' EQ-i 2.0 leadership reports, participants in this session will learn the importance of emotional intelligence in e‡ ective leadership. Participants will come out of the workshop with a better understanding of his or her strengths and areas to develop that will allow them to create a personal EI action plan to enhance their leadership skills. This kit comes with a detailed facilitator guide, power point slides, and a participant guide. Individual participants guides sold separately. TAIS ™ The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory ™ Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D. /TAIS TAIS measures three basic performance building blocks — Leadership, Emotional Control, and Performance Under Pressure — and, where necessary, identifi es the root cause of a performance problem. TAIS scores provide information on which to build a highly individualized or situation-specifi c program to enhance or develop performance skills. The assessment of specifi c traits can be used to create various reports—that assess abilities in a specifi c performance context, such as sales, leadership, or two-person interaction. TAIS di‡ ers from other inventories because, rather than labeling behaviors as good or bad, TAIS scores are interpreted in the context of the demands of the workplace in question. In the same vein, TAIS can be used to develop "mission profi les" that identify the concentration skills and behaviors required for a particular job, thereby assisting a potential employer in judging the fi t of each new candidate. KEY AREAS MEASURED • Attentional • Orientation Toward Rules and Risk • Drive and Confi dence • Ways of Dominating and Competing • Decision-Making Style • Orientation Toward Others • Communication Style REPORTS TAIS has a set of eight reports. When you purchase the set, you can generate one of each of the eight available reports. • Business Reports • Sales Reports • Scales Reports • Basic Scale Reports • Business Leader Reports • Management Development Reports • Interaction Reports • Athlete's Mental Edge (AME) Sport Reports TA I S P R I C I N G A D M I N I ST R AT I O N M AT E R I A L S Z- TAIS02 TAIS Technical Manual $ 58.00 ONLINE, SCORING ORGANIZER Z- TAIS01 TAIS Online Report Set $ 92.00 B-level Z- TAIS02 TAIS Technical Manual $ 58.00 Z- TAIS01 TAIS Online Report Set $ 92.00 A-level EMOTIONALLY EFFECTIVE LEADER WORKSHOP PRICING TOKEN = $1.00 Facilitator's Kit (Facilitator Guide, Power Point slides, and 1 participant guide) 500 Tokens Participant Guide 20 Tokens TALENT 9 TEL 1.800.456.3003 (USA) • 1.800.268.6011 (CDN) • +1.416.492.2627 (INTL) FAX 1.888.540.4484 or +1.416.492.3343 •

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