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We are pleased to present you with our 2017 catalog. Over the years we've seen a signifi cant increase in our digital o erings and usage. It seems that more professionals are becoming comfortable with collecting client data online through our secure systems. Not only do you save time, but you get accurate results and reports almost immediately. The ability to track client progress automatically provides you with additional advantages and helps keep your practice proactive and compliant with standards. Our theme for this year's catalog is "Transforming Lives." We've heard many stories from professionals around the world about how the use of our products has had profound positive impacts on people's lives. Whether working with children assessed for ADHD, depression, or anxiety, clients suspected of various brain abnormalities, o enders at risk, or working adults developing their skills in leadership, we appreciate hearing about your success. We'd love to hear more of your stories so please enter our contest on A recent story that stands out in my memory took place at a business meeting honoring corporate entrepreneurship (where MHS was honored). One of the judges, a highly successful corporate executive in a major bank, did a double take when I was introduced to her. She had just read my brief bio and asked, "Are you the Conners' people?" Surprised at the recognition of one of our products by a non-psychologist, I answered in the a' rmative. She immediately continued, "I just want to thank you. Your test was so important in helping both of my boys and getting them on the right track." It is stories like hers that rea' rm why we push to create the best assessments we can. Our goal is to provide products that help make a di erence in people's lives, whether it be in a child who fi nally receives the support they need to succeed, a professional learning the skills that will help them step into the leadership role they've always wanted, or countless other transformations and goals. In order to help provide you with the best tools to make an impact, we have some exciting new products to announce this year. Launching later this year is our Comprehensive Executive Functioning Inventory Adult (CEFI Adult). With this assessment you will be able to identify an adult's executive function strengths as well as weaknesses to better help create targeted treatment plans to put them back on the path to positive change. Many of you requested this version and we listened, creating a new assessment to match your needs. At MHS, we always strive to provide the right tools to help you make a di erence. For those of you working with organizations we are very excited about the new o erings we've acquired from Discovery Learning International (DLI). These products have been on the forefront of leadership development in many organizations throughout the country. We're thrilled to be able to expand these products into our international network of organizational psychologists, trainers, and consultants. Finally, I want to thank you for your continued support and expanded applications of our products. We look forward to continuing to serve you and welcome your comments and suggestions. Have a great year, LETTER FROM THE CEO Steven J. Stein, Ph.D. CEO, MHS @DrStevenStein

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