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30 SPRING 2016 | TENNISONTARIO.com COLLEGE TENNIS RECRUITMENT THE RECRUITING PROCESS HAS ALREADY STARTED Most people wonder when to start the recruiting process. Well, it has already started. You officially become a scholarship prospect to college coaches when you enter high school. However, each time you step onto the court, every time you play in a tournament, you are exposing yourself to potential opportunities to be recruited by colleges and universities. Word of mouth travels quickly. It is best to always behave and play like you are being watched. RECRUITING STARTS WITH VERIFIED 3RD PARTY INFORMATION It is very important to have your academic record, athletic talent, and standardized test scores verified by a qualified independent party to determine what your expectations should be. Navigating the path through the process can be overwhelming, as each school has different requirements. Having a comprehensive and cohesive evaluation makes the process of choosing a school much easier for the student, the parents and the individual school. COLLEGE COACHES EVALUATE PROSPECTS ONLINE & EXPOSURE EVENTS In this age of technology, college coaches are able to see results of tournaments with the click of a mouse. We encourage you to have an online presence including a resume and profile so that coaches can view your results and scout for talent. Participating in exposure camps and showcases give you face time and an opportunity to showcase your talent. Coaches' budgets are often limited and they will go to an event where they can view multiple players at once. Lastly, coaches add players on facebook, so they are able to view a student athlete's social media, which often includes photos and videos. This can either work for you or against you. Be very wary of posting inappropriate information or photos on the Internet. No coach or future employer wants to see players or employees in compromising situations. But do brag about accomplishments. Winning a tournament or acing a test is something to be proud of and share with the world. BE REALISTIC, LESS THAN 1% OF PLAYERS GET A D1 100% SCHOLARSHIP Be realistic but do not be discouraged. Most of us who play a sport want to be the best and win every tournament. How many of us can be Tiger Woods or Roger Federer? Even Tiger and Roger lose. There are great opportunities for student athletes at universities and colleges across the country at all levels. Keep an open mind to all available options. DON'T BLAME YOUR COACH It is your coach's job to be your coach. Although your coach is there to support your college recruiting process, he or she is not responsible to be your tutor, advisor, cheerleader, recruiter or advocate. It is your job to make the grades, study for tests, and reach out for college advice. If you cannot participate in a tournament because you have an exam or a term paper due, college coaches will not accept this excuse. College coaches demand that players manage both academics and athletics successfully. Time management is the key to success. Tarek Merchant is the founder of ImRecruitable, a US college recruitment specialist. ImRecruitable was created to help student-athletes and their families successfully navigate the college sports recruiting process. Together with a network of college coaches, ImRecruitable provides personalized recruiting strategies, access to College Showcasesand on-line tools to simplify the process of obtaining an athletic scholarship. ImRecruitable is the US College Tennis Recruiting Partner of the OTA. 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BY TAREK MERCHANT, FOUNDER OF OT NEXT STEP 1 2 3 5 7 STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE FOR SCHOLARSHIP SUCCESS 1. Get evaluated & develop a game plan 2. Create your profile 3. Create a video 4. Register with the NCAA/ NAIA centers 5. Contact 50+ realistic schools 6. Communication with colleges & coaches 7. Decision-making – "Not a 4 year decision but a 40 year decision" PIX 4 EACH TIME YOU STEP ONTO THE COURT, EVERY TIME YOU PLAY IN A TOURNAMENT, YOU ARE EXPOSING YOURSELF TO POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITIES TO BE RECRUITED

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