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28 SPRING 2016 | TENNISONTARIO.com PF: More and more former players are rejoining the tour (both the ATP and WTA) as coaches. Your thoughts on that? NT: Well, I think that this is good for tennis, and the main reason they are doing it is that they like tennis and want to give back. This is definitely my case. I've always wanted to coach and work particularly with younger players to help them improve their game. Even when I was still playing on the Tour I was trying to help younger players in whatever way I could. PF: It took longer for the WTA Tour to encourage former players to start coaching... NT: Well, the problem is obviously having a family, and it's difficult to do both things. At a certain level you have to travel a lot so it's difficult to manage both efficiently. For me I just have my first child at 37, and then the twins at 41. At that point I didn't travel or coach that much. Now I am older and the kids are a bit older too so I started coaching again, and I love it! Tennis is my biggest passion. PF: How was the transition from player to coach? NT: I always wanted to coach, and to coach young players. This was my dream job; to coach someone who loves tennis and to be able to help them help them out. The difference between being a player and a coach is that when you are a player everyone is there for you to help you out. As a coach you have to take a step back because your player is the most important and it's a different story. But I have no problem with that because I am not that type of a person that likes to be in the spotlight. If the player does well, everyone knows who the coach is, so the main thing for me is that the player I am working with is successful. PF: Would you rather work with a young up and coming player or with someone who already is established? NT: For me it is better to work with a young player because they listen more, they want to learn. It's different with those who already play on the Tour. But I liked working with Eugenie (Bouchard) and Alex (Wozniak). Eugenie's ranking was around 400 when we started and when I finished she got to number 32. I think we did a good job together, and I think it was a good experience for me not only because of the results. I didn't really have any problems working until she started winning a lot (smiling...) I did my job, and results are always going to speak volumes. PF: What do you see in Bianca (Andreescu) as a player? NT: I think she has good opportunities to be really really good. But she has to remember about the principles of the game and not to forget what she has to do and learn to get there. Because even being number 3 junior in the world does not mean that much (laughing). What I mean is that no one will remember her ranking as a junior. She has to be a good player on the WTA Tour. PF: How difficult is the transition from a junior player to the WTA Tour level competitor? NT: First you have to improve your game a lot, and I mean a lot! Bianca right now in my opinion plays at the 250 level and she is only 15. But you have to remember not to go too quick. You have to win Tier 1, then tier 2, then you can start thinking about big tournaments. Last year was a great year for her reaching finals of Granby – 25K, but she has to repeat that. She has to win 10K, then we will go to 25K, then 50 or 100K. What we really need to work on is how to construct her career. It's like building a house. Brick by brick, but the foundation has to be the strongest. Right now I am going to be in trouble with this building process. This is caused by the fact that now she is very good, so there is more and more PHOTOS BY PETER FIGURA BY PETER FIGURA OT INTERVIEW TAUZIAT DISCUSSES HER EXPERIENCE AS A COACH I ALWAYS WANTED TO COACH, AND TO COACH YOUNG PLAYERS. THIS WAS MY DREAM JOB; TO COACH SOMEONE WHO LOVES TENNIS AND TO BE ABLE TO HELP THEM HELP THEM OUT NATHALIE TAUZIAT I WOULD SIMPLY ASK GENIE: WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? TO WIN A GRAND SLAM OR TO BE FAMOUS? IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Bianca Andreescu

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