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24 SPRING 2016 | TENNISONTARIO.com BY PETER MALCOMSON M any tennis players seem to think that the best way to improve their game is to play a lot of matches; either in tournaments, league play or through friendly games at their club. While it is true that a player needs to test themselves against their peers in order to learn the art of competition, it is equally important to practice all aspects of their game so that they can rely on their strokes under pressure. "Practice makes perfect"! Of course, it also might make sense to take a lesson or two from a teaching pro! MY TENNIS PRO IS A MACHINE! A lot of players, especially adults, have a limited amount of time that they can dedicate to improving their game. And, even when there is time, there is not always a reliable or suitable partner to drill with. So… what is the most efficient way to get the stroke repetition they need in a limited amount of time. How about employing a ball machine? An increasing number of players are purchasing tennis ball machines to help improve their games. There are several excellent ball machines on the market today with different features catering to the needs of all players from beginners to tournament level competitors. The machine's portability allows players to put them in their cars and bring them to their local club or court. Once set up, the ball machine provides an excellent workout and practice session in a relatively short period of time – let's face it, it never misses! Some tennis clubs have also purchased ball machines to rent out to their members. One of the best ball machine lines in the market is actually produced by a Canadian company – Slilent Partner. A division of Deuce Industries, Silent Partner was founded in 1989 by Dr. John Bassili of Toronto. John was an avid tennis player and a psychologist. He designed, built and tested his machines' designs along with his son Daniel, refining and improving their features over time. Over a decade later, Silent Partner has become a leading seller of ball machines in North America. Silent Partner remains an independent, family-owned and operated company. With its head office in Toronto, the company manufactures its ball machines on site and services the US market from a facility in Buffalo, NY. It currently sells 7 different models including the new Edge Series. By selling factory direct, Silent Partner has been able to keep its prices reasonable and its customer service knowledge in the hands of those who built the machines. For more information on Silent Partner, visit sptennis.ca. Buy Canadian! DOES YOUR PRO UTILIZE A BALL MACHINE DURING LESSONS? THEY SHOULD! Many teaching pros consider a ball machine useful only for beginners and actually resist promoting its use because they consider it competition to their paid lessons. In fact, a ball machine can actually be a great tool for a teaching pro. Freed A BALL MACHINE THAT IS! SILENT PARTNER HAS BECOME A LEADING SELLER OF BALL MACHINES IN NORTH AMERICA. SILENT PARTNER REMAINS AN INDEPENDENT, FAMILY-OWNED AND OPERATED COMPANY. "IF YOU DON'T PRACTICE, YOU DON'T DESERVE TO WIN" ANDRE AGASSI OT FEATURE

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