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20 SPRING 2016 | TENNISONTARIO.com R oland Garros, Flushing Meadows, Melbourne Park, Wimbleton, Ajax Winter Tennis. Which one doesn't belong. Well that's pretty obvious, Wimbleton, it was spelled incorrectly. OK maybe Ajax Winter Tennis isn't quite as well known as the other four. But AWT has become important to a small group of ageless players, 4 through 90. AWT is a small 4 court winter tennis club located in the east end of the GTA with 20 years of experience and history. We are small and can't compete with the larger clubs when it comes to amenities, however we have done reasonably well on the tennis side. We have had alumni go on to college scholarships, Davis cup play, and even played in some ATP/ WTA tournaments. However, our main role is providing local players with affordable friendly tennis. In this area I think we have done very well. We have great commitment from many of our members. AWT runs many fun leagues for adults during the day and evenings. We presently have 5 ladies' competitive teams and hope to have a sixth next season. We run tournaments every Saturday evening for both juniors and adults, the attendance is overwhelming. How or why did I get involved in running a tennis business when I had only really been playing for a decade or so? Well, after selling a previous business, I found myself, unemployed. Several opportunities presented, but they lacked certain qualities. Fortunately for me I met Daryl Abbott, who at the time worked with Yeadon Air support structures. Daryl was great to be around, he was both positive and passionate about this project, I couldn't resist. After reading the introductory statement it may be hard to believe but we were not delusional in any way about the size or significance of this project. However, we both thought it could really have a positive affect on the people in the community. There has to be a more noble purpose then simply making money, doesn't there? We both thought so. After becoming familiar with the logistics we now needed to agree on the best way for the club to have a positive affect on the community. Aha, we needed a mission statement. Soon the penny dropped. Affordable, Family, Friendly, Exciting, Club, Tennis. ( A.F.F.E.C.T. ) Ya, Ya I know, corny. But this mentality is as true now as it was 20 years ago. It became clear there where 3 corner stones that 20 YEARS AND COUNTING (Jordan Anthony - 16 years, Thomas Bowers - 12 yrs, Alicia Opatowski - 5 yrs, John Long - 20 years, in front of John is Leslie Long - 20 years, Cameron Wittick - 4 years, in front of Cameron is Nancy Kempton - 19 years, and Brian Hurd - 17 years). WE NEEDED TO HAVE MEMBERS THAT WOULD THINK OF THE CLUB AS THEIR SECOND HOME. ABSOLUTELY NO SOLICITING MEMBERS FROM OTHER CLUBS, DEVELOP OUR OWN AND TREAT THEM LIKE FAMILY. BY JOHN LONG AJAX WINTER TENNIS AWT CELEBRATES 20 YEARS OF OPERATION AND IS EXCITED ABOUT THE NEXT TWENTY. OT CLUB PROFILE

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