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14 SPRING 2016 | TENNISONTARIO.com KV: Tell me about your sponsors? I will assume that at your current level, your sponsorship is not as simple as 2 pairs of shoes, 5 outfits and unlimited socks for the year…If you are playing a tournament in Europe and you need a pair of tennis shoes and shorts (because you spilled spaghetti sauce on your favourite white shorts & laundry is not an option)…what happens? SHAP: I am very lucky to be sponsored by Nike Int'l and Wilson Int'l.Here is my deal with Nike: I usually get four shipments a year which are timed around the grand slams: Aussie Open, French and Wimbledon, US Open and a fall package. Each shipment contains 5 pairs of shoes, 8 match shirts & shorts, 10 practice shirts, a huge supply of socks, wristbands and caps. If I am playing an event (or at home) and am in need of some product, I send an email to my Nike contact and they take care of it! The product I need is usually shipped within two days – I am really fortunate to have this! KV: Can you hook me up with some Nike stuff? SHAP: I will try! KV: How about Wilson…what is your deal with them? SHAP: Wilson gives me 8-12 frames per year and will always replace them as required. I also get an unlimited supply of Luxilon string KV: What kind of a racquet do you use? String? Tension? SHAP: Wilson ProStaff 97 String: LuxilonAluPower Tension: 52lbs KV: Future plans: Do you just have a PLAN A right now: Pro tennis career? Is a PLAN B even a part of the equation? College tennis? SHAP: Both! I definitely want to go pro; however, I am trying to still stay focused on school as you never know what might happen in one-two years…injury etc…I find it really tough to get my school work done after a long day of training, but it is always in the back of my mind. KV: Your team made the decision to play more Pro level events at the end of 2015 and continued with that plan in early 2016 to the point where a decision was made to skip the Australian Junior Open. Why? SHAP: My Team decided that it was too expensive to go and despite support from my sponsor, we decided that it was more worthwhile to play four tournaments vs two junior events. The other benefit was to play a higher level of players in the Futures and play all these events on clay. I feel that my game is much better as a result of the tough matches on clay. Plus, a lot of other pro level Futures events are also played on clay, so this was great for my preparation moving forward. KV: You have two coaches listed on your ITF profile: your mother and Adriano. How do they work together to get the most out of your tennis? How is the time divided? SHAP: When in Toronto, my mom and Adriano work with me on the court. Adriano is the primary coach and they both work well together. They are always having meetings to discuss the direction of my game and I get the feeling that it is "decision by committee." KV: What happens when they (mom and Adriano) have a disagreement? SHAP: I don't really see that, because most conversations like that are behind closed doors…they keep me out of it. All I know is that they always find a solution. KV: Your team has elected to keep you in Florida for another week… tell me what your typical day is like right now? SHAP: 7:30am – wake up 8:30am – leave for Saddlebrook 9:30 – warm-up 10am – 12noon: on-court with my coach and another pro player. 12noon – 1:30; fitness 1:30-3 – lunch at Publix (chicken tenders and sandwiches…price is right!) 3:15 – back on court; training, same as the morning. 5:15 – stretch for 30 min. 6:15 – drive back to house 7:00 – dinner 7-8 – homework 9:30 pm – lights out. "EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT" KV: What are your goals for 2016? SHAP: Attain a ranking of top 500 ATP (main goal) and Win a Junior Grand Slam singles title. KV: Pick one the following in each category? POP QUIZ Dogs or Cats? Dogs Steak or Seafood? Steak Boxers or Briefs? Boxers Soccer or Basketball? Soccer NFL or CFL? CFL BMW M5 or Porcshe 911? BMW M5 Android or Apple? Android Movies or Reality TV? Movies Bieber or Drake? Hate them both! Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram AN UNBELIEVABLE EXPERIENCE TO HIT WITH MY IDOL...SEEING HIM ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE NET AND IT DAWNED UPON ME THAT I WAS HITTING WITH THE WINNER OF NUMEROUS GRAND SLAM TITLES. OT FEATURE

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