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12 SPRING 2016 | TENNISONTARIO.com BY KARTIK VYAS KV: What are your systems of support? SHAP: I have a great team in place! I now have a sponsor in place who is looking after all my travel expenses, training costs and coach expenses… I am very fortunate to have Andrzej Kepinski sponsoring me and allowing me to pursue my passion to become a professional tennis player. My parents: Tessa and Victor have always supported me to the fullest. My mother's tennis club: Tessa Tennis is my primary training club when I am at home – I feel like Tessa Tennis was created for me! My other coach who is probably my primary coach: Adriano Fuorivia is the one who travels with me and spends them most time with me on a daily basis. Sports Physio: Dr. Nick Martichenko has been working with me for the past three years. Fitness Coach: Clement Golliet has been working with me for the past year. KV: Greatest achievement: tennis related? SHAP: can I state four? 1. Futures win (#1) 2. Winning Indoor and Outdoor U18 Nationals 2015 3. Winning Jr. Davis Cup in 2015 4. US Open Junior Doubles in 2015 KV: Worst task you can think of which is associated with your tennis development? SHAP: I don't like drilling one on one such as a coach fed ball…I find this boring! This doesn't mean that I don't have to train this way, I just don't like it! I prefer to hit with someone and have the coach work through any issues I may be having. KV: What do you look forward to when on the court? SHAP: Going out and competing… having a good match….winning tight matches; win or lose, I am happy if I competed well…of course, it is a better feeling when you win those tight matches . KV: Describe the experience you had in 2014 during the Rogers Cup when you hit with Federer? INTERVIEW WITH DENIS SHAPOVALOV I and many others just call him "Shap"; however, his given name is Denis Shapovalov. I recently checked the OTA archives on my computer in an effort to see when "Shap" entered the Team Ontario radar: October 30, 2007 – this was the date of the 2007 ACE Cup Team Ontario invitation for players who would be U12 the following year and competing in the annual Inter-Provincial competition between Ontario and Quebec. All selected players were born in 1996 or 1997+ ("+" stands for younger…); therefore, all players would have been 10 or 11 years of age. "Shap" was definitely younger: he was 8 years old at the time, mixed in with a group of boys the likes of Tabilo, Volfson, Manji, Obucina – players who are either attending solid NCAA Division 1 schools or certainly could have if they had so chosen. Fast forward to present day, 9 years later, "Shap" is only 16 (turning 17 in April) and has just won his first professional ITF Futures event in Weston, Florida and attained a ATP ranking of #778! How serious is Team "Shap" about his development and more importantly his future potential? Based on actions, I would surmise that they are "ALL IN!" Since November 2015, "Shap" has played 7 pro level Futures events in Florida; 37 singles matches and 15 doubles matches. I recently interviewed "Shap" on the phone while he remained in Florida to continue training after his big win last week: OT FEATURE Ta At Ck Sh Ap BY KARTIK VYAS PHOTO BY NEAL TROUSDALE

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