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At our core resides the foundation to provide clients with an optimal experience. Optimization is driven by our technology suite that bonds our offerings. We work with our clients to: Discover needs, known and otherwise; Measure through assessment, traditional and custom; Integrate systems, across and within; Analyze fi ndings, advanced and personalized; culminating in a Solution, unique and actionable. Intelligent Solutions for People Analytics Expert Consultation Why should you care? As a Talent Professional, your clients and organizations look to you for help with people development. When you are considering an MHS Talent solution for your organizational or client needs, you gain access to a dedicated Talent Solutions Consultant (TSC) that will help no matter where you are in your professional journey. Our consultants will assist from discovery through to implementation, and everything in between. We work to uncover your needs and help to align them with organizational goals. Whether you need assistance in attracting the very best talent, developing your people, or attaining buy in for a critical initiative, MHS and our team of Talent Solution Consultants are here to help. What we hear from our clients Our clients represent a diverse community and come to us with complex challenges affecting their clients, teams, and organizations. Be it an aspiring leader working their way up the corporate ladder, a dysfunctional team looking for answers to a problem it can't solve, or a company affected by a disruptive change, our talent tools and solutions help professionals regardless of industry and organizational level. How we can help Many of our clients' challenges can be thought of as an iceberg, there are known elements that are visible, but often there are underlying issues that are unknown and not visible. Our Talent Solutions Consultants can help with both the known and unknown, specializing in getting at the core of the challenge and building a solution that solves both the current and prospective issues. How important is your reputation? We provide industry leading expertise in test development and fully integrated solutions. Our solutions center around a variety of products such as Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Leadership Development, Succession Planning, Business Simulations, Hardiness, Sales, Customer Service, Entrepreneurs and many more. Engaging our TSC's can help facilitate your discussions around data analysis, custom reporting, or any other training and development needs. What is your time worth? Talent Solutions Consultants know how valuable your time is and can help you on your way to fi nding the right solution. It doesn't matter how much experience you have, our team can take care of everything from program design, sending out assessments, debriefi ng, and delivery of any solution. The main goal of our team is to ensure that you see value across our variety of talent management solutions. Our Process | Identify k Develop k Optimize To achieve the results our clients demand, we work together to identify critical talent development criteria grounded in objective measurement, sound practice, and actionable outcomes. From there we work together to develop people, teams and organizations by creating solutions tailored to the unique needs of the business. To ensure the desired outcomes are met, we work with our clients to optimize their performance management with competency frameworks, training and development evaluation, organizational measurement, and much more. How will you stand out? Our team participates in a variety of events including industry conferences, webinars, podcasts, and meet and greets. Whether you would like to learn more about our programs or would like to have greater exposure for your business, our TSCs are focused on delivering value. With a network of trainers and consultants all over the world, we can help provide assistance in the global marketplace. How will it all come together? If you would like MHS to handle the entire process from consultation to delivery, our TSCs will be your conduit to our in- house experts to facilitate execution and integration. This includes technology solutions like web services, API's, ATS, etc. Utilize our team of Talent Solutions Consultants to uncover your Talent Management needs. / 3

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