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LETTER FROM THE FOUNDER Our new 2019 catalog offers you more solutions as we continue to work towards making your job easier, more efficient, and as accurate as possible. We continue to build and add to our online assessment portal, and the volume of users has expanded tremendously. We are getting great feedback from many of you on our online system, especially with regard to its ease of use. You will notice a number of new products in this year's catalog. Check out the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test-Individual Administration (NNAT-Individual; page 75) and our new Gifted Rating Scales (GRS; page 77). Also, we've recently acquired the widely-known Children's Memory Scale (CMS; page 54). These tools add new dimensions to the MHS family of assessment tools. At MHS we have pioneered the assessment of ADHD through our line of Conners products. These tools have been the gold standard in assessment and treatment guidance for ADHD. Our team is very busy behind the scenes developing the latest addition to the Conner's family, the Conners Fourth Edition (Conners 4™) and we're excited to share this with you in 2020. We are very optimistic about new developments in tracking and improving focus and attention with Revibe Connect Plus: The world's first focus tracker (page 34). Please take the time to look at the early research and background information on this new wearable technology. Not only does the behavior change data look good, but the response of the kids using this wrist-band technology has been great (the pilot group didn't even want to return the wrist-bands). As you know, at MHS we are very data driven and evidence-based in our products, services, and recommendations. We conducted careful due diligence before deciding that we fully endorse this product. Check it out for yourself. We hope you will continue to make the MHS assessment catalog your go-to resource when looking for the solutions you need. Enjoy, Steven J. Stein, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Chair @DrStevenStein

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